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Light on Masonry: The History and Rituals of America`s Most Important Expose

  • Edited by Arturo de Hoyos, 33�, Grand Archivist and Grand Historian
  • In 1826 William Morgan, of New York, disappeared following his boast that he was about to publish the rituals of Freemasonry. He was never seen again, and it was soon claimed that he was "murdered by the Masons." This resulted in an intense period of anti-Masonry which lasted until 1842. At the height of this, Rev. David Bernard, an ex-Mason, published "Light on Masonry," which was the largest exposure of Masonic rituals ever published on America soil. The work ran into five editions, the last being the largest and most complete.
  • This book includes early versions of the rituals of the Blue Lodge, York Rite, Scottish Rite, and Order of the Holy Cross, as well as anti-Masonic committee reports, and letters from seceding Masons. Although it was originally intended as a hostile work, its contents help us understand and trace the evolution of Masonic ritual.
  • This special reprint includes a full photographic reproduction of the fifth edition, plus, a 200-page introduction which provides a brief history of Masonic origins, provides examples of the earliest known Masonic rituals, traces the phenomenon of Masonic exposures, explains how and where Rev. Bernard received the rituals he published, and notes all the important changes and additions in each edition. It also reveals that anti-Masons made "infamous interpolations" to the ritual texts in an effort to discredit the fraternity.
  • Five new appendices complete the work: (1) The "Missing" Scottish Rite Degrees, from authentic contemporary sources; (2) The "Missing Degree" of Avery Allyn`s "Ritual of Freemasonry" (1831); (3) The Engravings from Avery Allyn`s "Ritual of Freemasonry"; (4) The Rituals of "Female Masonry"; (5) A Bibliography of the 1829 editions of "Light on Masonry."
  • Hardbound in decorative covers with dust jacket (10" x 6 3/4"), profusely illustrated; 807 pages.

  • NOW ONLY $40.00

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